How can I use my existing telephone system with babelforce?

Christina Dechent
Christina Dechent
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There are several ways you can use your existing telephone systems with babelforce:

  1. Your employees (agents ...) add their existing telephone/extension number in the section "Connect me at" in the babelConnect app. For more details, feel free to read this article.  After the number was added, your employees will receive calls if they are assigned to a queue or inbound call route. They can also use babelforce and any babelforce integration to make outbound calls as well - the calls have to be accepted on the device with the "Connect me at" number and will then be connected.
  2. babelforce can provide SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) accounts that you can use on your telephony device. You will find a number of articles to support you with the setup. Please get in touch with the babelforce team to discuss this option.
  3. If you are on a babelFlex or Enerprise plan, you can direclty connect a SIP connection from your PBX to babelforce. This will allow your employees to make outbound calls directly from their deskphones, or whatever device connected to your PBX. These calls will be routed over babelforce's multi-carrier network.
  4. You could also work without any phone system if you decide to take calls via browser phone (webRTC).

The first is the most common way our customers use babelforce. This setup is up and running in minutes and you get all your telephone call processes linked to your other systems (e.g. to Zendesk or your CRM), BUT without any dependency on the particular telephone system or even telephone end device your employees use.

The third option, "SIP integration", is generally used if you want to control telephony routing yourself and take advantage of cheaper calling plans for outbound calls from babelforce. Note however, that you can also achieve most of these cost savings on outbound calls under option #1 and #2. 

You can start on option #1 and still add the SIP integration later if you wish - that way it is easy to test out how everything works and then choose a deeper integration.

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