Setup for a Cisco Phone

Christina Dechent
Christina Dechent
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This short guide will take you through the configuration settings of your Cisco phone.

Step 1 - Getting your IP address

Press on the little paper button. Then press 2 and you will see your IP address.

Step 2 - Enter IP address in browser

Now enter the IP in your computer's browser: http://<enter IP address here>

Step 3 - Go to Admin Login

In the top right corner you find a link to Admin Login. After you entered this page, choose the tab Ext 1

Step 4 - Adjust settings

This step simply requires you to change a few settings.

NAT Settings

  • NAT Mapping Enabled: Yes
  • NAT Keep Alive Enabled: Yes

SIP Settings:

  • SIP Port: 5050

Proxy and Registration

Subscriber Information

  • Display Name: fill in the phone number you want to have displayed on the device of the person you are calling, this could be for example one of your inbound phone numbers that you got from babelforce
  • User ID: Fill in the Agent ID number (SIP ID) provided by babelforce
  • Auth ID: Fill in also the Agent ID number (SIP ID) provided by babelforce
  • Password: Fill in the password provided by babelforce



Step 5 - STUN settings

In the top right corner, go to Advanced and in the SIP tab switch to STUN settings.

  • Make sure STUN is enabled.
  • Enter the babelforce STUN server:


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