Ordering and cancelling agent licenses (Agent ID Number) and Bria Enterprise

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Christina Dechent
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Please fill out the form below to order any new Agent ID Number or Bria Enterprise accounts.

If you have any questions regarding the input or our cancellation policy, please read the explanations below. 

Note that licenses generated from requests submitted through this form do not include licenses for any CRM or helpdesk you may be using.

  1. Detailed babelforce License Management
  2. Adding Licenses
  3. Cancelling Licenses


Detailed babelforce License Management

During your onboarding, babelforce shared a Google Sheet titled

"{my_company_name} license overview"

  • This sheet contains a list of babelforce licenses you're paying for, as seen in Cell B4.
    Column N indicates the date a license was ordered.
  • Column O displays the cancellation date of a license.
  • Column P shows the billing end date for licenses. Please note babelforce's cancellation policy, which requires 30 days' notice, with a minimum period until the end of the current month.

Adding Licenses

Step 1: Select Your License Type

  1. Choose the license type you need. Pick the first option if you use Bria Softphone and the second option if you don't.
    • License (Agent ID) & Bria Enterprise
    • Only Agent ID

Step 2: Set a Cancellation Date (Optional)

  1. Specify whether you want to set a cancellation date for temporary agents.
    • Select "Yes" or "No" as needed.

Step 3: Specify the Number of Accounts

  1. If adding fewer than 10 accounts, provide the following details for each agent:
    • New agent's name
    • License cancellation date (only if you selected “Yes” in Step 2).
    • Preferred phone number for display. This number will appear when the agent calls directly from a phone device like Bria Softphone. It isn't relevant when using babelConnect.
    • Agent's email address
  2. If you're adding more than 10 accounts, upload a CSV file using the given template.


Cancelling Licenses

Step 1: Select the License Type to Cancel

  1. Choose the license type you wish to cancel.
    • Agent ID & Bria Enterprise
    • Only Agent ID

Step 2: Specify the Number of Accounts to Cancel

  1. If cancelling fewer than 10 accounts, provide the email address of the agent/-s to be removed.
  2. If you're cancelling more than 10 accounts, upload a file with the email addresses of the agents to be cancelled. Use the provided template for accuracy.

When offboarding an agent, ensure you cancel their license by completing the form; simply deleting the agent from the manager app doesn't automatically cancel the license!

Should you have any further questions, don't hesitate to contact us at support@babelforce.com.


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