WebRTC / Browser Phone : A Comprehensive Guide

Daria Skvortsova
Daria Skvortsova
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WebRTC technology, also referred to as Browser Phone, facilitates smooth data streaming between browsers or applications, enabling direct voice calls via the browser.

This advanced technology is readily available through babelConnect and serves as a modern alternative to traditional SIP phones. Our guide offers all the essential information for configuring and getting started with WebRTC. It provides a combination of expert advice and user-friendly support to assist you throughout the process.

1. Getting Started and Preparing

  1. Enable WebRTC:
    • Confirm that WebRTC functionality is enabled for your account. To do this, contact our team at support@babelforce.com.
  2. IP Whitelisting:
    • Work with your IT team to add the following IP addresses to the whitelist. This will allow outgoing traffic from your applications to our infrastructure and enable return traffic in response.
      • -
      • -
  3. Device Number:
    • The Device number field can be left empty.

2. Establishing Connectivity with babelConnect

  • Access and Initialization:
    • Go to babelConnect and log in.
  • WebRTC Configuration:
    • Locate the “My Device Number” section. Choose “Browser Phone” to enable WebRTC.

Screenshot 2023-12-28 at 13.53.02.png

Screenshot 2023-12-28 at 14.16.58.png

  • Indicator of Stability:
    • A consistent “Green Globe” icon indicates a successful connection. Consider initiating a test call to confirm the setup's efficiency.

Screenshot 2023-12-28 at 13.53.27.png 

  • Once you have selected the setting, your browser will remember it and always attempt to connect to the browser phone.

3. Audio Configuration

  • Test for Clarity:
    • Conduct a preliminary test call to validate audio clarity and connectivity.
  • Browser Permissions:
    • When initiating calls, browsers may request permissions for audio and microphone access. Please grant these permissions to optimize WebRTC functionality.

4. Troubleshooting

  1. The Globe icon is not showing
    • To troubleshoot the issue, follow these steps:

      1. Check if the agent has switched to Browser Phone.
      2. Reload the page and select "Browser Phone" again, then wait a few seconds.
      3. Ensure that the internet connection is stable.
      4. If registration still fails, try switching to a different browser or open an incognito window and try again. 
  2. The Globe icon is grey | Error making calls

Screenshot 2023-12-29 at 12.33.44.png 

    • This problem usually indicates issues with your internet connection.
      1. Ensure that you are connected to the Internet.
      2. Check if your internet connection is stable and functioning correctly.
      3. Reconnect to your internet and refresh the page; the globe icon should become green once again.
      4. Consider switching to a mobile network, refreshing the page, and checking if the globe icon turns green and allows you to make calls. If it does, there may be a problem with your regular internet connection.
  1. Cannot connect to Browser Phone

Screenshot 2023-12-29 at 12.33.54.png 

    • This error may occur if there is a sudden loss of internet connection or if the laptop is closed while using babelConnect with the Browser Phone feature enabled.
      1. Simply reload the page to restore the connection.
  • An agent is unable to receive calls despite calls being in the queue

    • To troubleshoot the issue, follow these steps:

      1. First, check if the agent can see the green globe icon, which indicates that the webRTC connection is functioning properly. If not, please refer to the steps mentioned in section 1 for troubleshooting.
      2. If the agent can see the green globe, make sure that the agent's presence is set to Available in the top right corner of babelConnect.
      3. Additionally, check the reporting section for any calls marked as "timeout."
        This indicates that there may be an issue with the webRTC registration. For further assistance, please refer back to the 1st section mentioned above.

Concluding Thoughts

With WebRTC seamlessly integrated into babelConnect, agents are empowered with enhanced communication capabilities. Should you have any queries or require further guidance, our dedicated support team and comprehensive Help Center are readily accessible. We wish you productive and smooth communication experiences! 🌐🔗

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