Connecting your SNOM phone to babelforce's provisioning server

Christina Dechent
Christina Dechent

In this article we will take you through the steps required to register your SNOM desk phone with babelforce's provisioning server, as well as configuring the appropriate settings in the SNOM's IP browser interface. This tutorial should work for all SNOM models.

We will assume that you have already completed the initial setup for your phone, and that it is updated with the latest firmware and has a working internet connection and IP address. If any of these steps have not been taken, or if your phone is still in the box, please visit this article before proceeding.

  1. With your phone switched on and showing a normal display, find and press a button marked 'Help'. This will bring up some information on the display, including your phone's IP address. Make a note of this number.

    Enter this number into the address bar of your web browser to arrive at the browser interface of your SNOM phone. Look for a link called 'System Information' and click it. Find the entry showing your phone's MAC address and make a note of it: 

  2. babelforce require 3 pieces of information to register your phone in our provisioning server's database. Make a list of the following:

    • - Full employee name
    • - MAC address
    • - Phone vendor & type - for this tutorial the vendor will be 'SNOM' and the type will be the model, for example 'SNOM 370'. You will find this information on the back/bottom of your phone.

    Send this information to We will reply providing you with a username and password, which are necessary for step 3.

  3. Back in the web interface of your phone, navigate to 'Advanced' > 'Update' and ensure that the following configurations are set:
    • - 'Setting URL' = "{mac}", using the username and password which we provided after step 2
    • - 'PNP config = off

    It is vital at this stage to save in the right order.
    Do so by first clicking 'Apply'. Some more buttons will appear, one of which will be 'Save'. Click this, then 'Reboot'. This should prompt your SNOM phone to reboot and save the settings. 


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