An introduction to babelforce and integrations
This section introduces the babelforce manager app and provides an overview of the possibilities given when integrating babelforce with a CRM or helpdesk.

Chapter 1 - Learn to design processes
This chapter is important for everyone who never designed a call-flow or processes. It gives an introduction to the things you should do and know before building or redesigning your call flows and automation. You will learn about call-flow and integration design, you will draw your own process maps and plan your audio prompts.

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Chapter 2- Tackling your first Call-Flows
This chapter teaches you the basics to create the call flow you want. It will not only explain what you need to do in babelforce but how you should plan and sketch the processes you want to create.

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Chapter 3 - Starter automations: learning the ropes
The first steps with babelforce automations - if you master these basic building blocks, the whole world of no-code and low-code automation opens up to you.

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Chapter 4 - The Automated Dialer

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