1.0 - Navigating the first part of Chapter 2

Christina Dechent
Christina Dechent
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Now that you have an overview of the manager app and relevant sections within the application, let's dive into some theory to understand the different functionalities of the platform before you start setting up your first call flow.

Here is an overview of the topics the first part of chapter 2 will cover:

  1. IVR and Voicebot modules - With these modules, you will be constructing your call flow. We'll explore the features and capabilities of these useful applications.

  2. Triggers - This part provides a basic introduction to triggers, which are essential for implementing conditional logic in your call flow.

  3. Agents & babelConnect - Learn how to add agents and agent groups, and understand the babelConnect integration which will be used by your agents.

  4. Queues: Discover why queues are important and how to edit them to optimize your call handling process. These topics are straightforward and practical, benefiting your operations team in their daily activities. 

Once we complete this introduction, we will move on to part 2, where we will begin constructing your first basic call flow.

But now let's look at the next article, our introduction to IVR and Voicebot modules.

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