5.2.2 - Have agents join a campaign and use blended inbound / outbound

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This section gives you a brief introduction on how agents join campaigns. It also links to more resources that give step-by-step introductions. Also, we will introduce you to the concept of inbound / outbound blending, a dialer feature to improve your productivity.

Once your agents have been set up with Outbound Dialer enabled Agent ID number (SIP ID) and you set up a lead list as well as a campaign, you are ready to start your first Automated Dialer campaign.

Have your agents log into babelConnect. All they have to do is switch to the headset tab and select the campaign they want to join:


We have a full step-by-step article that will support you with training your staff and your agents on how to use the automated dialer within the babelConnect app.

In this tutorial we will focus on a feature babelforce offers with its automated dialer: Inbound / Outbound blending. What's that? Well, let's start by looking at a use case:

Many of our clients have teams that do both, calling leads but also are taking calls from customers. However, when using an automated dialer, this usually means that teams have to be split up: some only dial out, others only take inbound calls. However, not all campaigns might have enough leads to call so agents have to be manually placed back into the inbound queue which costs time and requires constant supervision.

The solution babelforce offers for this: Inbound/ Outbound blending. All you have to do is ensure that your agents that are mainly working with Automated Campaigns are added to a queue selection and switch their presence status from "Busy" to "Available" (see screenshot).


Now, whenever your agents are not busy with a call from the campaign, they will be available for the normal inbound queue selection.

(Please be aware, setting the status to "busy" will not stop calls coming in from the dialer. To pause a campaign, agents have to click the "Pause" button within the dialer section of the babelConnect app).

That's how Inbound/ Outbound-blending works: simple and easy, helping you to improve productivity.

The next section looks at recycling rules

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