Connecting Phones via SIP-Trunk

Christina Dechent
Christina Dechent
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This article contains information for your system administrator on how to connect your phone devices to the babelforce network.

Most IP deskphones and other telephone devices support SIP. Typically if you have deskphones already, they will allow you to connect to babelforce SIP accounts already. Usually the devices will allow configuration through the telephone keypad itself, through a web browser or with a configuration server (via TFTP/XML settings). We do recommend configuration via web-browser directly if you only need to configure a small amount of devices. Alternatively we can provide provisioning services for the most common devices.

Below are the default settings for SIP clients to connect with the babelforce platform and details of how to ensure your network supports telephony through babelforce. 

SIP Client Configuration

User credentials

SIP Domain / Proxy:
(for US region:, for AP region:

Username: This will be a babelforce ID (e.g. 9990101234560001)
Password: your password

Display name: your phone number (e.g. the inbound number for your customer services in international format: 4930920303300)

Each user will get a babelforce  Agent's ID number (SIP ID) and credentials like those above after the account was created.

SIP registration intervals

Reregister time: 180
Reregister max Time: 180
Reregister min Time: 20

Firewall NAT/Traversal settings

STUN Server:
(No username or password is needed.)

STUN interval: 3600
Keepalive interval: 30

Please turn ICE settings off. Only make use of the STUN methodology for NAT and Firewall traversal.

Audio settings

Recommended Audio codec: G711 alaw

Please make G711 alaw the number one priority codec in your phone settings and / or turn off all other audio codecs if possible.

 If you are looking for settings to configure your firewall, please find the article here.

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