Updating Brands in Zendesk for multiple brands company

Agata Kmiec
Agata Kmiec
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In Zendesk, Brands are your customer-facing identities. If your company owns multiple brands you expect the tickets to be updated with the specific brands depending, for example, on the hotline called.

How can you set it up in babelforce automations?

First of all, you need to get the IDs of all brands set up in your Zendesk - details on how to do it can be found in Zendesk API documentation.

Once you have that, we move to your babelforce manager account. Go to Integrated processes > Global automations and click "Add" (remember, this solution is only an example! There are many other ways to achieve the same result).

Let's assume that you want to update the Zendesk ticket with the Brand on the event "Inbound call":


Then you need to set up a trigger. This trigger will define when the automation should fire. In our example, we have two hotlines that are connected to Brand A and whenever any of these hotlines are called, we want to update the ticket with Brand A.


As a next step, we need to specify with which brand should the Zendesk ticket be updated. In our automation scroll down to Additional fields. On the left side add "brand_id" and on the right one, the ID of Brand A that you got via an API request. It will look like this:


Once it's done and you've added any additional information to your ticket body, click "Save". You need to repeat these steps for each brand in your Zendesk respectively. And that's it!





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