Appending SMS to Zendesk tickets

Christina Dechent
Christina Dechent
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babelforce allows you to append SMS to a ticket whenever you send out an SMS to an enduser via the babelConnect app.

To achieve this, you need to follow these steps:

The part on Zendesk side:

  1. Download the newest app version from Zendesk market place
  2. Then go to Apps > Support apps and click on "change settings":
  3. Tick the box "show send chat message button"

The part on babelforce side:

  1. Go to "Automated processes > Integrations" and add the zendesk_v2 integration if you don't have it set up yet.
  2. To create a new ticket instead of appending SMS to an existing ticket, you need to add the following automation: 
    1. The upper part: 
    2. The trigger should look like this: 

    3. The bottom part should look like this: 
  3. To push this new ticket to agents, you need to add the following automation: 

    • for ticket id, please enter this placeholder: {}
  4. To update existing tickets, click on "Add" and add  new automation with the action "Update ticket"
  5. The automation should look like this:
    1. The upper part:

    2. Use the same Trigger that you used to create tickets, but make sure to invert it!
    3. The bottom part:
      1. Ticket ID: {}
      2. Comment: {sms.text}

The SMS will now be appended to your ticket.


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