Updating tickets for out-of-hours calls

Christina Dechent
Christina Dechent
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Your helpdesk tickets for calls which come in outside business hours can be updated and controlled using tags, just as calls coming in during Business Hours.

The most efficient and scale-friendly way to update these kind of calls is to combine a tag in babelforce with an Automation in your helpdesk (e.g. Zendesk). 


Therefore, we have to configure a global Automation to add a tag - say, "out_of_business_hours" - to a ticket if the Trigger "call received out-of-hours" fires. The Trigger looks something like this:





Now that we created the Trigger, however, we need to ensure that the Action to add the tag is performed at the right time. Therefore, we have set the Event to happen upon the call finishing. It should look like this:


Note that you have to use the "simple" mode and enter the tag into the 'Tags' field. This ensures that no other tags are lost or overwritten (which is the case if you toggle the switch "Simple" changing to the "Advanced" mode).

This is important if you use Zendesk for instance. Once tickets are appearing with the "out_of_business_hours" tag, you can do whatever you like with them using Triggers and Automations in your help center. 

This method makes sure you can reliably tag, control and get data reports on out-of-hours calls.

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