How to automatically close empty voicemail tickets in Zendesk

Situation: In our call flow we have an automation that creates tickets for each received voice mail.

Problem: We are receiving a lot of empty voice mails and have many tickets in zendesk that need to be closed manually.

Solution: Easily identify empty voicemail tickets in Zendesk and automatically close them.


Step by step instructions:

1. Create a global automation that fires on "recording finished" and includes a trigger: recording duration less than 5sec


2. You can either show the voice mail info in a public or internal comment. If you want the comment to be internal, the toggle "public" should be disabled (see screenshot):

3. To easily identify the potentially empty voice mails in zendesk you can add a tag - example: empty_voicemail





4. Based on the tag you can create an automation in zendesk that will automatically close those tickets.


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