How to differentiate abandoned vs abandoned with caller request

Christina Dechent
Christina Dechent
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It is very common that a call center will need to label tickets for calls with requests made by the caller in IVR as well as with end state of the call. 

For example, you may have calls that are tagged in your tickets as follows:

abandoned (i.e. call ended without an agent taking the call, please also see this article for more details) AND with call_back (the caller requested a call-back before hanging up)

But you have other calls that are abandoned without any request.

You can have similar occurrences for voicemail recorded or particular options selected in IVR, etc. This is inevitable if you have any automation / IVR.

So the need arises then in your tickets to post-process them so that you can handle the different combinations efficiently. 

Let's look at how to implement a specific example. Let's say you only want your agents to call-back the tickets where there was a call-back request or a voicemail recorded and all abandoned calls without such a request are to be ignored.

Here is how you can do this in Zendesk:

First create a macro in Zendesk that will change the title of the ticket (this is just so that it is obvious in any view that these tickets are to be ignored). The macro is very simple:


Then create a Trigger that re-tags the tickets if they have both abandoned but do not have any of the specific request tags, i.e. no tags for "call_back" or "voicemail". The Trigger looks like this:


That is all that is to it.

Of course, you could now use the same approach to have mutually exclusive tagging if that is needed:

either "abandoned"


"abandoned_req" with "call_back"


"abandoned_req" with "voicemail"

"req" standing for request.


Give it a whirl.


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