Create a ticket for each inbound SMS received

Christina Dechent
Christina Dechent
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It is very easy to create a ticket in Zendesk for every new incoming message. All you have to do is go to Global Automations and select the event "SMS received". You then search for the Create Zendesk Ticket Action, fill in a few useful placeholders and for every new SMS, you will have a ticket. That's how the Automation could look like:



But maybe you want to attach all conversations from the same customer to one ticket? babelforce offers the possibility to attach all conversations that are updated within 24 to one ticket. So if this conversation is updated at one point, it will always stay open for another 24 hours. This way we ensure you have all data in one place.

This is what you do:

You will have two Triggers. The first you will use for all new incoming conversations (or conversations that have been inactive for 24 hours)


The second Trigger you use to Trigger an update on the existing ticket. 


Next, you apply these Triggers to two global Automations.

For each new incoming SMS with no open conversation this is the matching Automation:



For each incoming SMS that already has an open conversation this is how the automation could look like: 



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