Ordering and cancelling licenses (SIP IDs) and Bria Enterprise

Please fill out this form to order any new SIP IDs or Bria Enterprise accounts. If you have any questions regarding the input, please read the explanations below. 

The following part explains how to fill out the form: 


1.-3. In the first part, just enter your account information and let us know if you would like to cancel licenses or if you would like to order licenses. 

4. If you do not use the Bria Enterprise softphone configured by babelforce, please choose "only SIP". If you use the Bria but do not use the Outbound dialer from babelforce (e.g. for outbound campaigns or automated callbacks), please choose "License (SIP) & Bria Enterprise". Please only choose "License (SIP) & Bria Enterprise & Outbound dialer" if you use the babelforce outbound dialer. 

5. Please let us know for which region you would like to add the licenses. Please choose "skip" if you are only operating in one babelforce region.
6. Please enter a cancellation date if you would like to order temporary agents. 
7. Agents do not automatically have access to the dashboards at the moment. To access a dashboard, they need a reporter role and they need to be enabled for the respective dashboard. In case you want to enable agents for a dashboard. please click "Yes" and enter the respective dashboard names for each agent. As a manager you find all available dashboards by following these instructions:  


8. Please let us know how many agents you want to order/cancel. In case you want to order or cancel more than 10 agents, you can upload a CSV file to the form. 


In case you have any further questions please don't hesitate to contact us via support@babelforce.com. 


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