3.0 - A call-flow with opening times and holidays

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Christina Dechent
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Having laid a foundational understanding in the previous section, it's time to step up and explore an intricate call-flow. So, let’s advance!

Blueprint of the Advanced Call-Flow

Here's the envisioned structure:

  1. All incoming calls first reference the holiday calendar. If a defined holiday applies, the call ends with a 'Sorry Prompt'.
  2. Next, calls verify the operating hours. Should they fall outside, the call concludes with a 'Sorry Prompt'.
  3. Calls then assess how many calls are queued. If more than 1 call is already waiting, the caller is informed about high capacity and again, the call is terminated after the 'Sorry Prompt' is played.
  4. If 1 - 3 do not apply, the calls proceed to the Automatic Call Distribution module.
  5. If not answered within a set duration (based on your determined maximum waiting period), calls transition to the 'Sorry, no one available' announcement.

To visualize the above, refer to the subsequent flowchart:

In the subsequent sections, we'll dissect each segment of this advanced call-flow to foster a comprehensive grasp. By the finale, you should be adept at curating personalized call-flows.

Breakdown of Upcoming Topics

3.1 Preparatory Steps: Delving into agents, queue parameters, business timings, and the holiday calendar.

3.2 Audio Prompts Integration: A guide to importing and employing your audio clips within babelforce.

3.3 Trigger Creation: Dive deep into the dynamics of four distinct triggers.

3.4 Switch Nodes Explained: Understand their significance, operation, and applications.

3.5 Synthesis: Here, the focus is on consolidating and linking all application modules.

3.6 Test Runs: Concluding with testing every step of the call flow.

To truly benefit, it's not just about theoretical absorption. Open up the manager app alongside, explore pre-existing flows or try your hand at crafting your own. Engage actively for optimal comprehension!

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