3.2 - Adding audio files to babelforce

In almost every call flow you will play some kind of audio recording - think about the business hours we set up in the previous article. When the caller reaches your line outside business hours, you want to play a 'Sorry, we're closed. Please call later' audio, right?

You can easily upload audio files to babelforce. Of course, as already introduced in our first chapter, you should decide which audio files you'll need for your flow.

Audios for the call flow

In our test example, you will need the following Audio files (all of which are available when you get your first babelforce account but only in English and with babelforce branding. When creating your proper call flow later, you will probably have to create your own recordings):

1. A welcome audio

2. Music to be played while the customer is waiting (you can have multiple files i.e. if you want to tell the customer about your latest product in between the wait music)

3. Notification to be played to the agent when a call is connected

4. An audio explaining to the customer that no agent or expert is available at the moment.

5. Audio indicating that the customer should try again later

Uploading audio files

So where do you start if you want to upload your files? Go to the IVR call-flows > Audio Files. You will find the list of default audios. By clicking on the 'Click to upload audios' button in the upper right corner, you will be able to add your own files. Please use WAV (16-bit) or mp3 format. Ensure the file isn't larger than 3MB and give it a name you will recognize. If necessary, provide brand- and/or language-specific information (e.g. "DE Welcome").


Check the video below if you want to see how to upload video files:

Now you know where to find all the audio files for our example. You can also add new files by uploading them to the Manager. We will soon connect them to your call flow, but first, we need to create the necessary triggers.

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