Kustomer - integration with babelforce

To add the Kustomer integration to babelforce, go to Integrated processes > Integrations: 


Next, click on Add and search for "Kustomer. Once you selected "Kustomer", a window pops up: 


You only need to fill in you API URL and the API key. 

  • API URL: in this field, paste the URL of your Kustomer account and add /v1 at the end: https://{{myDomain}}.api.kustomerapp.com/v1
  • To add your API key, in you Kustomer account, click on the small gearwheel then go to Security > API keys:
    Then click on Add API key, give it a name and choose a role. Note that to allow all integration processes provided by babelforce, you need to choose the role org. Copy the key and paste it into the field API key in babelforce.

Now, click on save - the integration will appear in the integrations list. Click on Test to check if the integration is correctly implemented. 

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