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Christina Dechent
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In Kustomer, a conversation represents a set of interactions with a certain customer about a specific topic. You can use different types of conversation channels within a conversation, like emails or internal notes. For a more detailed explanation of Kustomer conversations, please have a look at Kustomer's help center.

In this article, we will have a closer look at how to integrate Kustomer conversations with babelforce in order to automate ticketing processes for call center tasks. 

A conversation can be viewed similar to a ticket in Zendesk or Freshdesk for instance. The easiest way to push information about an ongoing call to an agent, is to open a new conversation whenever a call comes in and update the conversation with further caller details once the call is bridged. Let's look at this use case in more detail.

We need two global Automations with the following two actions: 

  1. Create a conversation and 

  2. Update a conversation: 


Once added, the automations should look similar to this: 


To add these Automations, go to Integrated processes > Global automations and click on Add to add a new one. 

Create a conversation: 

For the first automation we choose the Event Inbound call and the Trigger always to create a conversation on every incoming call. The upper part of the conversation should look similar to this: 


In the bottom part of the Automation we enter the automation details:

  • Customer: If you want to automatically assign the conversation to the calling customer, leave the placeholder as is. 
  • Name: enter the title of the conversation
  • Status: choose if the conversation should have the status open or done
  • Tags: add tags to you Kustomer tag list. Note that the tags are not directly added to the conversation via this automation. To attach tags to a conversation, use the action Update conversation. 
  • Custom: Fill in custom attributes specified for a conversation. Kustomer uses a naming convention for custom attributes to specify the field data type with a name suffix:
    • "Num" number or null,
    • "At" date-time or null,
    • "Str" string or null, length [ 0 .. 1024 ] characters,
    • "Txt" string or null, length [ 0 .. 1024 ] characters,
    • "Bool" boolean or null,
    • "Url" string or null, format uri 
  • Furthermore you can choose the priority and direction of the conversation as well as assigning Teams or users to a conversation. 

The automation could look like this:


Update a conversation: 

The upper part of the automation should look similar to this:


At the bottom you can define the details the conversation should be updated with: 

  • ID: Update the conversation opened during the ongoing call by using the placeholder {integration.kustomer.conversation.id}
  • Name: leave empty or overwrite
  • Assigend users: assign the agent that took the call by using the placeholder {agent.sourceId}
  • Note: add an internal note with call details to the conversation 
  • Furthermore you can add, remove and overwrite tags, assign Teams and add custom fields similar to the action Create conversation



That's it, you can now create and update conversations in Kustomer!


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