Installing babelConnect CTI in Salesforce

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Katrin Geske
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This guide explains how to install the babelConnect CTI app in Salesforce. After completing the all steps, you should be able to access the app in your Salesforce account as shown in the screenshot below.


This guide will also explain how to edit the look and feel of babelConnect and how to add it to the Salesforce apps you want to use it in.

Installing babelConnect

To install the app, click on the link below:

Decide who to install the app for. 


After the installation was successful, you are let to the overview showing all your installed packages, among them babelConnect.


To make babelConnect accessible to you call center agents, find "Call Centers" in the Setup side bar and click on babelConnectCTI to open the options


Click on Manage Call Center Users. In case you added users before you will now see them here. To add new users, click on "Add more Users"


 To see all available users you could add to the app, click on "Find" and select those you want to add to the app.


To complete the setup, find and open babelConnect Admin Setup in the App Launcher


You now need to enter the babeforce region. There is a drop down, presenting some available regions. If you are not sure in which region your account is registered, check your babelforce manager URL. The region will be presented like this:


After you added the region, select which actions you want the babelConnect App to perform. The app can create call tasks and users out of the box. You won't be needing any further babelforce integrations then. 

However, if you rather prefer to adjust the content of call tasks or do other more advanced events and automations, we suggest you deselect this option and setup your babelforce integration via babelforce manager. You find some examples of babelforce integrations here.

In any case, babelConnect will always push the profile of the user calling you service.


 Great! babelConnect is now all setup.

 Adding the CTI to your Salesforce apps

There is one last remaining step. To make the app available to your Salesforce apps (for instance the Service Console), you need to find the app in the App Manager (go into Setup to find the App Manager there).

Edit the relevant app and make sure babelforce is added under "Utility Items". You can adjust layout, icon and name.



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