Installing babelConnect from Zendesk Marketplace

Parul Pal
Parul Pal
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Please note that we can only install the babelConnect application if we have the subscription with babelforce. To install the latest version of babelConnect from the Zendesk Marketplace please follow the below mentioned steps:


  1. Go to Zendesk admin center as shown in the below screenshot.


2. Under apps and Integration select Zendesk support apps and click on Marketplace as shown below. 



3. Search for babelConnect in the keyword search option and select babelConnect as shown below. 



4. Click on install and you will have to select your Zendesk account as shown in the below screenshot. Please enter the account and click on install.


5. Once you click on install you will be redirected the page shown below. Please enter the name of the app (anything you wish to) and enter the Url of your manager application.



Please note that the environment will the exact URL of your babelforce manager application which might differ for dedicated environment and will be in the format here xxx being your specific environment. 

Please do not add any characters after the ".com" part. 

For the shared environment the URL will be the same as shown in the screenshot. 

6. Last and final step would be to scroll down and click on install to complete the installation.




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