babelforce KPIs explained

babelforce offers a number of metrics which help you monitor your call activities. Within this article we want to give you an overview of them.

  • wrap-up time the time after a call, agents have to finish up a case before they are available for a new call
  • talk-time - total time in which agents are actively speaking with the customer (excluding the hold time within the call)

  • hold time - the total time that a customer is on hold within a call with an agent

  • average handle time (AHT) - sum of talk time, hold time and wrap-up time

  • wait time - total time from call start to the call being picked up (including or excluding time in IVR, you define what you want)

  • call duration - call duration for certain queues, agents or time ranges

  • abandon rate - the percentage of abandon calls out of offered calls (either all calls or only calls that entered a queue)

  • abandon value - the number of abandon calls as an integer

  • service level - the percentage of calls taken within a defined time range

  • longest waiting call - the call waiting longest in all or a particular queue

For each of these metrics we developed two API endpoints: one for the total and one for the average metrics calculation. For almost all metrics, you can set parameter, for instance by queue or agent. You find them explained in detail in our API documentation. If you want to have a closer look at how to access the API endpoints, please click here.

Great, now that you gathered an overview, you can build your own reporting or include the metrics into your babelforce dashboard. Have fun exploring!

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