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In case you are not using our API to download call information, you can download CSVs with call data under Call Reporting (max 5000 lines).

A couple of (formatting) remarks:

Dates are created in this format: 2018-12-27T08:39:08.000Z. After downloading you need to replace the T with a space and .000Z with nothing to have a valid date format.

Also, you should keep in mind the date is always in UCT. Depending on your time zone and whether or not it's winter time you must adjust your formula. In Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets, it's easy to add or subtract hours from a date and time field with the following formula:

  • [DATE TIME] -/+ [HOURS]/24

Depending on your time zone, you either add or subtract the hours and then you divide everything by 24 hours. In the example resources we use UCT+1.

The available data fields when downloading the CSV:

  1. ID
  2. sessionID
  3. conversationID
  4. dateCreated
  5. lastUpdated
  6. type
  7. domain
  8. source
  9. from
  10. to
  11. duration
  12. state
  13. finishReason
  14. agentNamer
  15. agentNumber
  16. queue

We explain how reporting works in this article extensively

To make it easier for you, we also created a template (for Google Sheets & Excel) that gives you some basic KPIs like

  • Calls per queue
  • Calls per agent
  • Talk time
  • Queue wait time

To get this data, we use some formulas in the data sheet. They can help you to setup your own reporting for instance in your data warehouse if you want to automatically transmit data via API.

Please feel free to get in touch with us if you have any open question.

The Google resource

The Excel Sheet (download right-hand site, down pointing arrow):

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