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Christina Dechent
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Similar to inbound calls, babelforce receives a hangup reason from the phone provider for every call initiated by an agent. babelforce then maps these reasons to the babelforce "finish reasons". You find these finish reasons in the section Reporting > Calls by clicking into the field "Select...".
This article explains what these different reasons mean and how you can use them for reporting purposes. 
Before we look at the meaning of these different reasons, there is one info worth noting: babelforce maps the reasons received by the phone provider. However, different phone providers might give back different finish reasons for the same enduser behaviour, e.g: If a customer does not answer their phone, one provider might give back the finish reason "busy" while another declares this behaviour as "no-answer". babelforce does therefore not have any influence on mapping certain customer behaviours to certain finish reasons. That is also the reason why we listed different explanations for certain finish reasons in the table below. 
The following table shows an overview of the available finish reasons: 
Finish reason Explanation


Agent makes an outbound call from their babelConnect, but then rejects this call on their Softphone. The finish reason for the child call will then be "canceled". 


Agent initiates an outbound call via babelConnect, but is not logged into their SIP device. 


  • user is busy on another call
  • user does not take the call but lets the phone ring
  • user rejects the call
  • user rejects the call


No answer received from enduser. However, mostly no answer from the customer results in finish reason "busy" (see above) .
Hangup same as for inbound calls - explained here
Passive-hangup same as for inbound calls - explained here
System-hangup same as for inbound calls - explained here
Transferred not available for outbound calls yet. 


Unassigned number. that means, the number might not exist or has a wrong format. 


Similar to "unallocated-number" a wrong number format can result in the finish reason "Invalid-number".


Enduser network is out of order.


For your babelforce reporting this means that you can divide outbound call reasons into four categories:

1. User error on the agent side:
  • Canceled
  • Unreachable
2. Called number was correct but user did not answer: 
  • Busy
  • Declined
  • No-answer
    Be aware that the finish reason might be "hangup" or "passive-hangup" in case the agent connects to a mailbox. 
3. Call successfully connected
  • Hangup
  • passive-hangup or
  • system-hangup 
4. Called number is (currently) not given 
  • Unallocated-number
  • Invalid-number
  • Network-unreachable

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