Troubleshooting babelforce floating app

Christina Dechent
Christina Dechent
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The babelforce floating app is a great tool to simplify your phone calls. It enables you for example, to make calls via "click-to-call" and to have the application open while you are working in your helpdesk or CRM in Google Chrome. This article covers some potential issues that might arise when working with the floating app.

Firstly, we want to cover a general aspect when working with the floating app:

We suggest you reloading the browser when you're turning the app on, or when you are returning to your computer after a break and your computer went to sleep. That's how it's done for all tabs: click on the 1st tab, then hold down the shift key and click on the last tab. This activates all tabs. Right click the last (or any) tab and click on reload (or Ctrl R) and all the tabs are reloaded. This way, you ensure that the app is refreshed and that the browser is not hanging, etc.

Now, lets move on to some issues you might have:

the symbol of the floating app is not seen on the screen / the app cannot be opened
  • make sure that the floating app is activated. It should shine blue:


  • make sure that you are using the Google Chrome browser
  • make sure you are using a webpage that allows to open the app (like your helpdesk or CRM)
the bottom of the app seems to be cut-off
  • press F5 to reload the app
error message: invalid credentials
  • make sure you are logged into the right environment / region. To check this, please click on the floating app icon in the top right corner (right mouse click) and the go to options. A small pop up window will appear which shows the following settings at the bottom:


    There you see the environment you are currently logged into (in this case this is EU). If the menu for some reason does not show the region you are working in, please change it to your region. Also, if you work with a custom region, make sure that this custom region is entered into the bottom field and that no region is chosen in the drop-down menu.
  • Check our password and username for spelling mistakes as you might be entering the wrong password

Hopefully, this Troubleshooting page helped you to solve your issue. Should you experience any other problems, feel free to approach our support team.

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