Introduction to babelConnect

To make the most of all babelforce services, we recommend using the babelConnect app. This out-of-the-box application provides agents with an interface to use the babelforce platform. All calls are processed via this app, incoming as well as outbound calls. It has many advantages which will only briefly be summarized in this article. More detailed step-by-step explanations and how to install babelConnect you can find in other articles (see links provided).

What babelConnect allows you to do:

There are three different versions of the babelConnect app - all have the same functionalities described above, however each brings its own features. Decide for yourself which fits your processes best.

  • Chrome extension - This application allows you to jump between tabs. It will always pop-up in the corner of  a page and therefore be available in the Chrome tab you are currently working in. This way you can always see who is calling you and you are very flexible when using click-to-call.
  • Zendesk app / Freshdesk app - If you use Zendesk or Freshdesk, you can integrate babelConnect via the App Marketplace. This gives you many great integration features and access to customer details.
  • Stand-alone app - The stand-alone app will always stay open in one of your tabs. The great advantage of this is that if you use Chrome, you can make use of the embedded browser phone. This means you can take calls without having to connect to any phone device or application.
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