5.4 - Advanced settings - using the babelfore Rest API

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Christina Dechent
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The outbound dialer can be, just as most other babelforce features, configured and used via API. This can come in very handy if you are handling a large customer base that you want to call.

Via API, you are able to automatically upload and update lead lists as well as create and update campaigns. We have a full article that helps you setting up your API environment by using the example of Postman. So feel free to go through the article in detail to learn how to have your particular environment configured, where you find your client secret, etc.

In the article at hand, we want to introduce you to a few useful endpoints that you can use for managing your OBD campaign.

For instance, to have all campaigns in your account returned, you can use the following endpoint as a GET request: 


babelforce will return all the details about your campaign:


"items": [
"id": "22c8fc06294240a894dac8af3556ef24",
"name": "my new campaign12",
"active": true,
"displayNumber": "86486186468",
"testMode": false,
"leadList": null,
"_url": "https://services.babelforce.com/api/v2/outbound/campaigns/22c8fc06294240a894dac8af3556ef24"
"pagination": {
"pages": 2,
"total": 15,
"current": 1,
"max": 10,
"next": "https://services.babelforce.com/api/v2/outbound/campaigns?page=2&max=10"
"success": true

By sending a POST request to the same endpoint, you can also create your own campaign, selecting a name and a display as number in the body:

"name": "my new campaign12",
"displayNumber": "86486186468"

Of course, this enables you to setup campaign batches. Lists are just as easily configured with the endpoint


But there are more advanced features that you have with Rest API. For instance, you can return call attempts


or log out agents from the dialer 


As you can see, there are many options you have with the babelforce Rest API - please get in touch with our success team if you need any further support.

This also rounds up the chapter on the Outbound Dialer! We are always happy for any feedback you might be having.

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