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Christina Dechent
Christina Dechent
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babelforce allows you to send automatic messages to slack. This article will explain the use case to send a slack message whenever a ticket comes in. 

First of all, let's look at the part on slack side: 

1. Register an app on slack: 

You can either follow this article or the steps below

  • Go to this website:
  • On the top right corner click on "Your apps":
  • Next, click on "Create new app", then choose the one "From scratch":
  • Give it a name and choose your workspace, then click on "Create app"
  • Next, click on "add features and functionalities", then click on "Incoming webhooks" and activate it
  • submit a request to your slack admin at the bottom of the screen:
  • Once your admin approved your reqeust, go to "Incoming webhooks" again, and scroll to the bottom. You will see the option to dd a new webhoook:
  • Click to add and select a channel
  • Copy the URL - this will be your endpoint for sending messages:***/B062NK*****/D9gcbX7TM*****
2. Create a task to trigger slack messages based on babelforce events
  • Now, we need to add a task template to our account, that triggers the message, based on an incoming sms. You can copy this template: 

"required_fields": [
"task": {
"type": "automation",
"actions": {
"on_scheduled": [
"http": {
"url": "****/B062N*****/D9gcbX7TMg1Z8WaBO****",
"method": "POST",
"body": {
"text": "You received a new SMS. SMS text {{task.body.sms_text}}"
"var": "response"
"on_selecting": [
"task_completion": {
"autoComplete": true
"scheduled_at": "now"


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