Create a direct route with opening hours and calendars

Katrin Geske
Katrin Geske
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Use case

Create a call flow that checks

  • Calendar dates
  • Business hours

If no calendar is active and Business hours are active, the call will be forwarded to a mobile phone.

If either, a calendar is active or business hours are not given, the caller will hear an "Out of office" notification.


What you need:

  • Create 1 Business Hour
  • Create 1 Calendar
  • Create 1 Trigger that checks if the calendar you setup is given
  • Create 1 Trigger that checks if your Business Hours are given
  • 1 Switch Node
  • 1 Text to Speech
  • 1 Transfer Module

Putting it all together

Most settings have to be done in the Switch Node. The screenshot below shows one possibility how this could be setup:


In your Text To Speech Module, enter the text you want the customer to hear.

In your Transfer Module, add the phone number the call should be forwarded to.


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