Inbound calls and within network calls

Christina Dechent
Christina Dechent
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In general inbound calls are not charged. Also calls within the network are free. So if an employee calls another employee or a transfer of a call taken by an employee to another employee will not incur any minute fee on the babelforce platform.

Similarly, call recording minutes are not charged.

Essentially if you have subscriptions for your employees, there are no usage costs related to call minutes that are on network. Only calls that have charges related to carrier connections and traffic will incur charges.


There are only a few exceptions:

  1. Some phone numbers offered by carriers charge their own minute fee for inbound calls. These can be fixed line, mobile, freephone/toll-free or special number types. Such numbers will therefore have inbound minute charges on babelforce also.
  2. If one of your integrated carriers has minute fees for use of SIP inbound. This can apply in some territories or in special cases.
  3. If you have a payment plan for use of specific infrastructure, then it can be that call minutes or recordings are included. 

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