How to guarantee good call quality in a cloud contact center

Christina Dechent
Christina Dechent
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If you experience poor quality calls in your cloud contact center, rest assured that there will be a specific reason for it and that it is possible to isolate the issue and resolve it. There is no excuse for accepting poor quality audio, dropped calls or latency!

However, if your cloud call center solution is not set up correctly at the beginning, you might end up stuck with a problem. So how can you ensure to resolve any quality problem?

There are six things to check before deploying a cloud call center infrastructure:

1. Make sure that your supplier's infrastructure is not just a "wrapper" on top of another call infrastructure product.

2. Ensure that your supplier has its own direct interconnections with telecoms carriers and first line suppliers of phone numbers and other telecoms services.

3. Can your supplier guarantee that your employees connections to audio channels are deployed in the most local possible server location? Find out more here about the factors impacting call quality.

4. Can your vendor guarantee that inbound calls to different phone numbers can route calls to the nearest server location possible?

5. Is it possible to deploy any standards based phone device for your employees? Or are you restricted regarding the product like built in browser phone or devices from your vendor only? Check this section for information on connecting any softphone or phone device.

6. Ensure that your supplier is able to isolate the logs for agent devices and channels directly without needing a third party underlying infrastructure provider for this analysis.

If your vendor is not capable of doing all six of these key things, you are very likely to have call quality issues that cannot be resolved. So concentrate on these infrastructure aspects before selecting your cloud call center vendor.

Your systems network administrator can find details here on how to set up your network to use babelforce SIP / VoIP.

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