How to trigger recording of calls to be on or off for a particular call

Christina Dechent
Christina Dechent
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In order to comply with local regulations on data protection, consumer rights and local telecommunications regulations and best practices, it is often necessary to dynamically decide whether or not a call will be recorded based on the current context. 

For example, in some territories including Germany, you may need to offer an opt-out of call recording in the IVR. That means on the call after your welcome message, your system would say to the caller "For quality and training purposes we record some calls, if you would prefer not to have this call recorded, press 1 now". This part is configured within babelforce Applications: you can create the IVR / call-flow elements there whatever way you like.

The switching on or off of recording for the call is done within the Queue Flow app module. You simply use a Trigger to check if the caller has opted out or not. You can see it selected in "Record condition" in the following screenshot:














Such a Trigger to check in the current context of the call if the caller has opted out of call recording will look something like this:


The single condition checks if the caller selected "1" in the menu that offered the caller the option to opt-out of recording.






Note, that the recording can be triggered based on any type of criterion that you like. So you can have recording off for certain brands, certain types of calls, etc. and on for others. You can set this up whatever way you wish.

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