How to send data to next agent when call is transferred

Christina Dechent
Christina Dechent
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When an employee transfers a call to another employee, it can be helpful to forward all the data gathered so far to the next agent who will take the call.

To do this, use the Event "Call transferred" within a global Automation.

In this article, we show how a ticket is pushed and assigned to an agent in Zendesk if we create such an Automation.



 For the second Automation, select the Zendesk Event "Update ticket". Don't forget to choose the placeholder {agent.sourceId} to assign the ticket to the agent the call is transferred to.




This is only one example, specifically for a Zendesk integration. You can create the Action according to the requirements of the external API / system / integration. Assuming that the other system supports the assignment of a particular employee, etc and that your account on babelforce is set up to access that, you can do more or less any integrated process based on calls being transferred.

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