How to add a direct route to an employee

To forward a call directly to one of your employees, you have to install a Transfer module:

The Transfer module: an easy way to forward calls

It's very simple to setup call forwarding if this option applies to your use case. In the section IVR Call flows > Call flows, create a new module of type "Transfer". 




We suggest naming the Module after the employee whose number it is forwarding (see the example to the left) 




The rest is very easily set up: under the tab "App" and Number enter the number the call should be forwarded to (so if you are using SIP, the Number should be the Agent ID number).


If you want to show the number of the call, enter the expression {call.from.number} into the field Display-As. The Timeout defines the time your employee has to pick up the phone. Of course, you can add any After Flow, like a voicemail or a queue.

To complete the setup, connect the number to the App module. Your employee doesn't even have to have a babelforce User.


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