Change the agent's status in MS teams via babelforce events

Christina Dechent
Christina Dechent
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Our integration for Microsoft enables you to change the user status in Microsoft teams based on certain babelforce events

Use case examples: 

  • whenever and agent changes their status in the babelConnect app, change the status in teams accordingly
  • whenever an agent is connected to a call / finishes a call, change their status in MS teams accordingly

This article explains how to set up the Microsoft presence change automation. For an explanation on how to set up the integration itself, head over to this article. After setting up the integration, import the users which should use this status sync. 

Now, let's look at the automation we need on babelforce side. Let's assume you wanted to set an agent on busy in MS teams whenever they are busy in babelforce:

Firstly, head to Integrated processes > Integrations and click on "Add". 

  • Choose the event "Presence changed"
  • Choose the action "Update agent status in Microsoft teams"
  • click on the small "+" to add a new trigger. It could look like this: 
    • whenever an agent changes their presence status to "Busy", we want to trigger the action to change the presence status in MS teams:
  • This is how the upper part of the automation could look like: 

Next, let's have a look at the bottom part: 

It should look similar to this:

  • Integration: choose the Microsoft integration
  • User ID: {agent.sourceId} - since you imported your user from Microsoft, babelforce now knows the id of that user in Microsoft (we call it "source id"). By setting this placeholder, babelforce knows which agent's presence to change once their presence changed in babelforce
  • Availability & Activity: set the status you would like this agent to change to
  • Session Id: same as client id in your integration setup
  • Expiration duration: select the time the agent will stay on this status before being set to "Away"

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