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Christina Dechent
Christina Dechent
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Our integration for Microsoft teams enables you to send automated messages to teams channels.

Use case examples: 

  • send a message to a teams channel if more than x calls are waiting in the queue
  • send a message to a teams channel if an agent jumps to status unreachable

This article explains how to set up the microsoft messages automation. For an explanation on how to set up the integration itself, head over to this article.

First, let's find out the teams and channel ID of the channel you want to send your messages to. You can either do this using the API or by right clicking on the channel in your microsoft teams app and then clicking on "Get link to channel":

  • the first Id is the Channel Id and the Group Id is what we call Teams Id in our babelforce integration. Save these two Ids to use them in the automation. 

To set up the automation, go to Integrated processes > Global automations and click on "Add"

The upper part of the automation could look like this: 

  • Whenever the status of an agent changes, we want to carry out the action "Send message to teams channel" if the status of that agent is "unreachable"

  • The Trigger could look like this: 

  • In the bottom part, we need to enter the Teams and channel Id as well as the message we want to send to that channel: 

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