Password creation and reset

Vladimir Nikolić
Vladimir Nikolić
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You can set a password when creating a new user.


Every user can also reset their password by requesting a password reset.


One point to have in mind is the password quality.
We all have been there, searching for an easy to remember password, but that is still secure.
Since babelforce takes great care to have a secure system, the password you create has to follow a general entropy.

What does this mean?

It means, that the strength of the password has to be given, not a certain number of characters.
This ensures that you have a secure password for the user you like to create.

How to create a secure password?

Since it may be hard to come up with a secure password, please use our own password generator.
It is secure and at the same time easy to use. Just pick one of the randomly generated secure passwords.

How to reset your password?

The same logic applies also to the resetting of the password, so please use also here the password generator to make the creation easy.

In the article how to add an agent and request the password you will find more information about the agent setup.

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