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Christina Dechent
Christina Dechent
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In line with our data protection and compliance procedures, babelforce has a standard data retention policy.

Data retention policy and schedule

As you are probably aware babelforce as a real-time integration platform does not by default store the data you process. We have always had two guiding principles:

  • the decision on what to store is dependent only on the configurations you make or request that babelforce makes to enable your business activities using our platform
  • to retain data no longer than is necessary and to provide you with the capability to retrieve and store any data you need for your business processes


We have established the standard data retention schedule as follows:

  • 6 months for all inbound and non-dialer outbound call recordings
  • 1 month for outbound dialer call recordings
  • 1 year for call detail and information stored per call
  • 1 year for SMS detail information on the API
  • 1 year for any data added to any objects using the API

Any data older than these timeframes will be automatically and permanently deleted to ensure that you are at reduced risk of data being inadvertently stored.

If you do need to store data for longer, we recommend that you establish a process to retrieve the data. This can be automated. You can find details in the article on storing of your own recordings.

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