babelforce global - accessing your territory or custom account

Christina Dechent
Christina Dechent
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babelforce is available in different territories around the globe. Depending on the area you are operating in, your babelforce account will be configured on a different territory account. 

babelforce also offers enterprise plans with a babelforce account in any unique, custom region that is required.

This unique setup enables you to run a global phone system without having to deal with time delays or quality issues. Here you will find a high-level article on guaranteeing high-quality calls and on the importance of having your call channels handled by servers near enough to where your employees are located. 

If your business activities are multi-territory and you therefore use various different babelforce accounts for different territories, please keep in mind that these babelforce accounts have different URLs.

Accessing the babelforce manager app


Custom region: https://apps.{{customregion}}

Accessing the babelConnect stand-alone app


Custom region: https://apps.{{customregion}}

SIP proxy for softphone setup


Custom Region: sip.trunk.{{customregion}}


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