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Christina Dechent
Christina Dechent
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If you have a number in your Twilio account and you want to deliver the calls to your babelforce account, here are the simple steps involved:

- in your twilio account, write a little TwiML application (see example below)
- upload it to your web server
- point your twilio voice number to the URI of this application
- write to babelforce support, so that we can register the number on our platform and route the calls into your account

Your TwiML should look like this:


(49123456789 = this must be replaced with your twilio number in international format with the country code in the beginning)

You can put any number you would like to forward from Twilio before the domain name,, in the SIP verb declaration.

Then once you tell us the number, we register it on our platform as well and route the calls to your account.

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