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ZohoCRM is an online software tool for customer relationship management (CRM) to administer Sales, Marketing and other customer services on one platform, similar to Salesforce and SugarCRM. To set up the integration with babelforce, two prerequisites are needed:

  • administrator access to your ZohoCRM account
  • a babelforce customer account

Let's start with the ZohoCRM bit.

First you will have to go to the following page https://accounts.zoho.eu/developerconsole and log in using your normal Zoho credentials. Once you logged in, click on the button "Add Client ID".

Enter your name and the other details as shown in the screenshot below:



To make it easier, this is the redirect URL:


Click to create it, then note the "Client ID" and "Client Secret" somewhere safe temporarily.

For the next part, enter the babelforce manager app. Logged in, go to Integrated processes > Integrations and create a new ZohoCRM integration. Copy your client credentials (those you saved before) into the relevant settings fields and click on "authorize".


You are then forwarded to a new tab where you will be asked to approve the integration. If everything was successful, you will be redirected back to the manager app.

Great, your're all set up. So let's get started with setting up some first Automations with your ZohoCRM.

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