How to bulk update leads and lead data

Christina Dechent
Christina Dechent
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You can update any data on existing leads individually per lead and also in bulk. The changes will affect the way of processing these leads within a campaign.

Prepared API calls and config are available as Postman collection to show you exactly how this is done. If you did not work with postman or APIs yet, have a look at this article. Also have a look at our API documentation.

First, get the latest postman collection here: Download outbound dialer postman collection

You will see in the collection under Leads folder, that there is a request called "Update array of leads". This works by specifying the list of lead IDs that you want to change to particular values. The JSON body you send will look something like this:

"ids": ["id1","id2"],
"update": {
"status": "busy",
"data": {
"mysegmentcategory": "gold"



 This will change the 2 leads to status "busy" and will change your own meta data field value for the 2 leads to "gold".

Note that you retrieve the lead IDs beforehand using, for example,

  1. "Return all leads in account" at https://{{env}}
  2. "Return processed leads" by campaign: https://{{env}}[id]/leads/processed

{{env}} will be replaced by the subdomain for the territory or platform deployment, e.g. "us-east", "services", "ap-southeast" or any custom region.

If you also want to update call-back settings for leads in bulk or individually, the method is very similar. The example request is also in the above downloadable postman collection. You can find out more here: Bulk and individual addition or updates to scheduled call-backs

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