Which call outcome to choose with an outbound dialer

Christina Dechent
Christina Dechent
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You are all set up to get started with our automated outbound dialer? Your campaigns are ready and you are just wondering how to categorize calls after they were finished? You find the right article. After each successfully connected outbound dialer call, babelConnect presents call reasons. Below, we explain how to select them and what each of these reasons means.

Be aware: call reasons are set. They cannot be changed.

Selecting the call outcome

After finishing a call, the call outcome has to be selected and submitted.



Choosing the right call outcome

But which call outcome triggers which behavior?

All call outcomes can be subsumed under three options

  1. Calling x times every x hours - if one of these outcomes is selected, the customer will for instance be called by the platform up to 5 times more on a 7 hour intervals. To customize the times, please get in contact with babelforce support.
  2. Scheduled call back - if this outcome is chosen, the agent can define (from a pop-up box) a specific date and time when the customer wants to be called back.
  3. No redial - when one of these outcomes is chosen, the lead will not be called again

Here is the overview of outcomes subsumed under the behavior they trigger.

Calling x times every x hours, but no more than x times Scheduled call-back No redial
No answer Call back Don't call again
Busy   Not interested
Answering machine   Sales
    Disconnected number



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