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Christina Dechent
Christina Dechent
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Sometimes it is useful to identify calls which have not been answered by an agent. (This can be helpful for reporting purposes or simply to keep an overview of the missed calls in a certain time period). There are different ways to carry out this implementation. In this section we want to have a look at two simple use cases. In the first case, we want all tickets to be updated and in the second case, we only want those tickets updated which reach us within our Business Hours.
The easiest way to identify unanswered calls in general is to update finished calls with a tag, e.g. "unanswered" or "call_lost". Therefore, we have to build a Trigger which fires every time the agent name is not given (hence, the call is not taken). Triggers can be found in the Integrated Processes section.
Next, we want to build the Automation which updates the ticket if the call is finished but has not been answered. Therefore, we go to Integrated Processes > Global Automtions and build an Automation including the Trigger we created above:
That's it! You can now closely observe in Zendesk (or any other CRM you are integrating with) which tickets have not been answered.
Now, let's look at the second scenario. In this case, we only want to tag calls which reached us within our Business Hours.
Therefore, we add a second condition to the Trigger we built before:

This Trigger will now only fire if the call reaches us within our Business Hours and has not been answered by anyone. Afterwards, we simply edit our Automation by replacing the Trigger from before with the Trigger we just built.

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