Call monitoring: listen-in and whisper in

Katrin Geske
Katrin Geske
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babelforce offers the option to listen to calls that are bridged. In your manager, go to  Reporting > Listen-in.

You will see all currently bridged calls in this overview. You just click on headset next to the call (column Interaction).​


You will see a pop-up:

Now you can either enter your Bria's agent ID number or use a mobile number to connect to the call.
If you use a mobile number please remember to use the international format without a + or 00 and remove the zero. E.g. if you have a British number enter you number like this:

44{yournumberwithout a 0} = 44123456789

Make sure to select "listen in", otherwise you will be talking to the agent or the agent will hear you.

Once you clicked, either your Bria phone or your mobile will be ringing. You take the call and then you can listen to the conversation.

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