Contacting babelforce in case of an emergency

Katrin Geske
Katrin Geske
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babelforce Support will try to reply to any request received on within an hour during business hours.

Of course, we want to make sure to prioritize emergencies and also react to an emergency at any time of the day. As long as not agreed differently by contract, also get in touch with babelforce by writing to support, indicating the urgency of the matter in the subject.

Additionally, to provide babelforce with as much information as possible, please fill out the matching form provided at the end of this article. This will speed up the process.

What is an emergency?

babelforce considers everything an emergency where central telephony processes are broken and by which at least 5/10 agents or calls are affected.

  • Call is not coming through / calls cannot reach the hotline
  • Agents cannot hear customers or the other way around
  • Call quality is poor/ calls are breaking off
  • Calls suddenly break off during the call/calls are dropped
  • Agents cannot pick up calls/agents do not receive calls

Troubleshooting forms

 You are experiencing issues with audio quality or calls are dropping? Please fill out this form:


You are experiencing Snom or any softphone related issues? Please fill out this form:

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