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V2_babelforce KPIs explained

V2_babelforce reporting explained

V2_Tips and tricks to build your sheet reports

V2_Using Zendesk GoodData


babelforce KPIs explained

In this section we introduce the babelforce dashboard and show you how you are able to adjust the JSON file to create the dashboard you need for your service

babelforce reporting explained
In this section we explain the Manager App section "Reporting"

Tips and tricks to build your sheet reports
This section explains how you can download call data from the babelforce platform without having to use API or pushing all your data into Zendesk. It also provides some basic tips how to use the data in the sheet program of your choice.

Using Zendesk GoodData
This section is dedicated to helping you find, customize and extract reports on call data with Zendesk GoodData

Push the data you want to your Geckoboard