Troubleshooting Bria Beeping issues

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Beeping issue Troubleshooting Steps

The agents would constantly hear beeping sound on their headsets while being on the call or while and after putting the call on hold. Whenever we have any issue of such sort, we need to isolate the issue.  The below checks can be done to check if the issue is with the network, Bria softphone or the headsets.


Checks to isolate the issue

  1. We should always check how many agents are experiencing this issue. If only one agent is experiencing this issue, then, then it is more likely to be a local issue
  2. If all the agents are experiencing the issue, then we need to check if the agents are working from home or from office. This is done because if all the agents are working from office this can point us to the network issue or interference issues with the headset.
  3. If the agents are working from both locations, then it is not likely to be a network or interference issue, and this can be ruled out.
  4. Check which kind of headsets the agents are using. If the headsets are wireless, ask them to try some calls with wired headsets.
  5. In this case the beeping was not experienced with wired headset which pointed us towards the direction that issue is with the headsets.
  6. However, if we need to check that this is not a Bria issue with Counterpath by following the procedure Here.


Steps to Investigate Beeping issue

  1. Whitelist Counterpath servers in your proxy as well, so that Bria can auto-upgrade from version 6.4.1 to 6.5.1
  2. Provide a new packaged installer of the latest Bria Version in their internal software center for agents to download and install by themselves.
  3. Update the Sennheiser Driver/Firmware software on the agent PCs that have the issue.
  4. As discussed, it would be beneficial if you would involve 3 different agents to do the testing. First agent update only the Bria version, the second agent should update the Sennheiser Driver/Firmware software and the third agent should update both the software and check which of the solutions would resolve the issue.
  5. If none of the above solutions works, then with the updated version of the Bria we would like you to pull out the Bria logs when the issue is being faced by the agent so that we can forward it to Counterpath.
  6. Check if the changes mentioned in the articles are made in the agent’s systems by following the article here
  7. If the above changes are not made in the system, then we need to make the changes as suggested in the guide.
  8. We need to check the Bria version, firmware version, .Net version, windows version, and EPOS connect version to find out the compatibility.
  9. We need to know if the call is placed on hold post which the issue occurs?
  10. We must change the setting in Bria and uncheck the “allow device integration”, restart the application and check if the issue persists.



Solution to Beeping Issue

  1. Download EPOS connect (Headset software) - and update it to its current version.
  2. Deactivate all the settings as shown in the GIF below.epos_settings.gif

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