Onboarding/ Removing New Agents

Onboarding Process

Please follow the below steps to successfully onboard an agent 

          Kustomer.com Here

          Zendesk Here

          Freshdesk Here

          Zoho desk Here


Error scenarios

The agent tried to reset the password via Bria but no temporary password arrived:

The agent tried to reset password via babelConnect but didn’t receive a link

  • Have the agent check spam
  • Ensure the agent has been synchronized from


Cancelling Process

  1. Remove the agent from the babelforce manager by following the steps mentioned Here
    NOTE: This first step is optional but nice to have to have an organized infrastructure and also for security reasons.
  2. Fill out the form using the link to request for cancellation of licenses (Agent ID number) and Bria Enterprise Here

Please note that you are not paying for the agent number shown in the babelConnect app but for the agent number shown in the licenses sheet which has been shared with you in the onboarding phase. 


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